Thursday, November 10, 2011

Word Of The Day: Accident.

It's NOT a bad thing. I know 'Accident' makes most people automatically think 'It's a Bad Thing'.

It is not.

Some people pre-emptively call it a 'Happy Accident'.  I say screw that.It's not precise.The truth is that this thing that happened to me was an accident; an accident that made me happy.

I am SO happy about it.

And now the word 'happy' has lost all meaning for me, so I will henceforth use others. Choices include 'giddy', 'ecstatic', 'enthralled'; and terms such as 'over the moon', 'unable to comprehend' and 'giggldi-sassifras' - which is nonsense, yes - but borne of sheer excitement.

Oh that I could tell you why.

I include this entry in my blog because I know this time next year, it will be greatly valued - maybe not by you, but definitely me. Especially when I'm 135.

Wow, that seems so indulgent and affected. But it's true.

Today something happened to me that marked the completion of an accident; an accident that began 7 months ago. It was a 'pure' accident, one without intent or pre-concieved notions. Accidents can be like that.

Accidents are not things that happen; they are things you cause without meaning to. 

I did this thing and then something happened and now here we are. Maybe not specifically, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that Accidents are not always bad. They can cause Great and/or 'great' things.

Either way, someone's getting a story to tell the grandkids.