Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This guy says gays CAN marry - just not each other

Playing with my Squidoo lens today (unfortunately not as dirty as it sounds), I stumbled across a fellow calling himself SaveTalkRadio . He describes himself as a "fiscal conservative" - If I wasn't so diplomatic, I'd call him an ignorant putz. But I'm a lady, dammit.

Anywho, he has a lens (page) titled "Hetrosexuals Do Not Have Special Rights". That is, you may have guessed, a crock of shit, but I read it for shits and giggles and at the end, felt the need to reply.

MOGeek: How I fixed my SIDEBAR dropping below the posts.

So last night I was minding my own business, playing with myself my blog, when the Main Page with list of my posts went HAYWIRE and the sidebar and gadgets dropped beneath the posts.

Weird thing was, when you clicked into a post, the sidebar was fine.

What I know about HTML could fit in a sock, and the thing that sock-full of knowledge would be most useful for is beating my computer. But I don't give up easily, so I checked the coding and tweaked and prodded and finally, cursed at my computer and spent twenty minutes throwing beans at it.

Later, I checked the Blogger help pages. I did everything they said to do, and nothing happened. I realised it was probably a Page Break issue, but couldn't fix it even with the HTML fixes on the blogger help pages.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's a Gay Wad? Apparently a smart kid with strong values.

DAS √úBERMENSCH! I really hope this kid is a sign of our future.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ethical porn brings all the girls to the yard.

New Vagabond Magazine (VagMag) is an awesome Melbourne-based online magazine packed full of great tips on ethical shopping, the state of our eco nation and more importantly from issue #2 - ethical Porn.

Ethical. PORN.

Now that's something I can get behind. Pantsless.

Moment of Geek: How to add SHARE! Link Buttons to your posts

A quick geek post: After hours trying to insert individual buttons into my posts for various info sharing sites (Stumble Upon, Digg, Technorati etc), I finally found this little gadget called "AddThis", with which I want to have many many techno!babies.

Now that I don't have to screw around with manually pasting code on each post, I have a whole afternoon to sit in the sunshine and play with myself.

Thanks, interwebz!

Gay marriage isn't about getting married, dammit

Let’s get down to brass tacks: This “marriage equality” thing has little to do with getting married. No, seriously - it’s not about bloody marriage.

Sure, if gay marriage becomes legal some of you might get married. Good for you. I hope you enjoy your twenty identical rice cookers. If you’re thinking of inviting me, I don’t do tulle or chiffon. Or purple. Or happy-fun times.

Marriage equality isn’t about marriage, because it just can’t be.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Always the bridesmaid (ACTing civilised)

Australia’s Capital has passed a bill allowing same-sex couples civil ceremonies as part of their recognized civil partnerships.

Big, fat, hairy deal.

Krudd’s already raising a brouhaha about it - the political version of masturbatory foreplay in the jerk-circle that is our State-Federal Government - preparing for another pack-buggery of human rights that shocks footy players with its blatant disregard for social mores.

And again I say, big, fat hairy deal.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pro-Rape, Crackbook and The Age

Did everyone catch the story in today’s Age titled: Elite College Students Proud of 'Pro-Rape' Facebook Page?

Interesting read. Crackbook breeds some beauties, doesn’t it?

Look, nothing good can be said of rape, or being “pro-rape”. I don’t care if you’re arguing against aged-based or “statutory rape” laws, as one student claimed; consent is sexy, rape is abhorrent. No other arguments apply.

No, what I want to concentrate on is something I believe reporter Ruth Pollard missed in her look at the atmosphere and attitudes of a college that might lead to the conception of this horrible piece of Crackbook shame.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Raining On The Gay Parade (Gay stuff can be shit)

It’s well known in the lesbian community that when you first apply to the Union, there are certain requirements you have to fill:

1: You must have recognised that, in hindsight, your fascination with Linda Carter and / or your 3rd grade art teacher was not merely admiration of her talent, but rather Talents, with a capital T - for Tits.

2: You must own at least one pair of Doc Martin boots and / or Birkenstock sandals.

3: You must be able to recognise the music of the Indigo Girls or Melissa Etheridge within a few beats. (Extra points if you can name the song, album and brand of leather pants / flannelette shirt worn at first stage performance.)

It sounds fiddly, but it’s totally worth it for the Hello Kitty toaster oven.

To be honest,

Queer Culture Vs Gay Marriage: A union made slightly left of heaven?

Our Queer Community is often a “community” in the loosest sense of the word. We are grouped together because society views us as different from them. But we are also very different from each other.

Perhaps more than any other “minority” group, Queers can struggle to find common ground. Gay boys are boys, and they like boys. Gay girls are girls, and they like girls. It’s elementary. We couldn’t have less in common – except straights look at both of us funny. Bisexuals? Straights and homos look at you funny. Transsexual / transgendered / intersex? Everyone looks at you funny.

When it comes to Queers, not being “straight” is all we have in common (and sometimes not even that). Our rainbow spectrum is broader than the human eye can discern. All too often we straddle the border between “Community” and “I stand with you because the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

So how do we define Queer Culture? Well, it involves a lengthy process of wrangling, a little leather and a lot of finess. And all too often you squeeze the rainbow too hard and little queer skittles pop out.

Queer Skittles of Doom.

Queer Culture – not gay culture, or trans-culture, but collective Queer Culture – clumps GLBTIQs together and stamps a sticker on our foreheads which should read: “Manufacturing processes differ for each product. Similarity not guaranteed.” (And warn in fine print, “Contents may settle in transit.”)

The definition of Queer Culture is, paradoxically, that it defies definition.

Thoughts on Australia's Human Rights Charter

Prompted by a Sydney Star Observer story (yeah - "rughts" act. Whoops, right?)

My thoughts (November 5th, 2009 @ 6:04 pm)

If it wasn’t against what we both stand for, I’d marry Kirby and have his gaybies. Trufax.

One need only look to – strangely – Australia's ex-PM John Howard for the best pro-Human Rights Charter argument. In his August 27, 2009 opinion piece in The Age, Howard said this:

“If the US and Canadian experience is a guide, issues such as abortion and gay marriage would not be resolved by our elected representatives but the courts.

“Comparing the Australian and Canadian approaches on gay marriage is illuminating. In Australia, the government which I led decided in 2004 that the Marriage Act should be amended to define marriage as a voluntary union for life between a man and woman to the exclusion of all others, thus precluding the possibility of recognising same-sex marriages.

“In Canada it was not so simple. In a series of decisions the courts had declared that prohibitions on gay marriage, enacted by some provinces, were contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Only by Parliament passing a law expressly overturning those decisions could the provincial prohibitions have been revived. This was a theoretical power only. In practice it was not a realistic option.

“Thus it was not Parliament which expressed the will of the Canadian people on this sensitive social issue, it was the courts. Surely that was wrong. Irrespective of the views one might hold on the issue, don’t the people, through their elected representatives, and at all stages, have the right to decide those issues?”

Yes, Mr Howard. The court had the right to overturn the parliament on an issue that would have involved denying the rights afforded to every human being, whether their voices are in the minority or not. Because it is not the loudest people that are the most deserving. It is, simply The People.

In Australia, where parliament obeys the whims of the loudest voices even though they are not of the majority opinion, a Human Rights Charter is essential. Because our voices may not be loud enough, but we do count.

(For you sadists, the ex-PM's wank rant can be found here at The Age website.

My S&M affair with Bruno: The Top 5 things he taught me about gay rights and marriage equality

I watched the movie Bruno as part of the Equal Love gay marriage equality fundraiser, and so began my sado-masochistic love-hate affair with Austrian flamer and celebrity whore Bruno.

It hurt so good. Watching him cavort across the screen through splayed fingers and laughing until every ethical sensibility ached like a broken tooth, I then left the theatre to join a room full of people asking each other the same question: Did you like it? And I knew what they were really asking was: Do I like it?

Oh, there was more laughter and applause than gasps of shock and wailing, but we struggled to admit that this was a guilty pleasure we devoured like a full-fat cheesecake while standing with our heads in the freezer, or that time our partners fell down the stairs and really hurt themselves, but we laugh-peed a little bit anyway.

Did I like it? It's a question I've been mulling over all night. I don't know if I've settled on an answer yet, but I did come up with a list. So here's the Top 5 lessons that Bruno taught me about gay rights and marriage equality.

In The Raw: An Introduction

Getting my facts out of the way would go much like this: 26-year-old lesbian runs wild, runs off at the mouth, lives a life uncensored for better or worse; gets self in trouble, doesn't notice, doesn't much care, keeps going with a wicked smile on her face... Other stuff, blah blah blah, etc.

Yes, the facts would go much like that. And look, they did! So all is good.

I fight for things I believe in. And while I might not believe in too many things, the ones I hold are strong, vocal and hard fought for.

In the outside world, as much as in this blog, you'll find I lack the filter between my brain and my mouth. Stuff comes out edited only for grammar. So if you have fragile sensibilities, my presence is probably not the place for you. But if you stick around, I can guarantee fun will be had.